Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Well, hello there!

And you - it's nice to see you, too!

These are photos of a spiny ant eater and 2 platypus (care of discovery.com)
They are two of three types of animals that are in the family of Monotreme. Never heard of a monotreme? Me neither until today when I went to the natural history museum.

Monotremes have fur and nurse their young. They don't have nipples. The young just know where the milk glands are and suck on the skin nearby. Also, they lay leathery soft eggs.

And I thought there were mammals and not mammals. Period. Nope. We have Monotremes. A mix of both worlds, all be it a tiny one. You can only find them in Australia and New Guinea...maybe at a zoo, too.

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  1. I could eat up that spiny little ant eater! SO darling!! I've never heard of monotremes either!!